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Entertainment in Prague

Variety of Entertainment
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Pablo Picasso : Self-Portrait (1907) National Gallery, PragueSince the Velvet revolution in 1989, Prague’s entertainment programme has become increasingly varied. Whether you prefer opera to jazz or minigolf to a footbal match, the city has plenty to offer. Movie buffs can choose from many the latest Hollywood blockbusters, a lot of them in English with subtitles. For the adventurous, mime and fringe theatre are both thriving. Prague has a great musical tradition, which includes symphony orchestras, opera, musicals, jazz and folk music. Concerts are performed throughout the year, in venues which range from Baroque palaces to public parks and gardens. Even if you don’t speak Czech, you can still enjoy the city‘s cultural offerings. Some plays can be seen in English, and for many types of entertainment, music, dance and sport, a knowledge of the language isn’t necessary at all.

Prague has always been known for its artistic heritage. Theatre has played an important role in the city’s cultural development, and recently the range of entertainment has expanded considerably. Many new theatre groups have emerged, especially more experimental ones. In general, the theatre season runs from September to June. During the Summer, open-air perfonmances are given in Prague’s gardens and parks. The city also has a strong musical tradition, including great musicians and performers such as Mozart, Smetana and Dvořák. For those who prefer to dance till dawn, relax to the sound of jazz or take in a movie, you’ll find plenty to entertain you in this city.