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Public transportation is well organized and extensive. Prague integrated transport consists of public transport services in Prague (Metro - lines A, B, C, trams, funicular to Petřín, city buses), suburban bus service (lines of series 300 and 400) and railway service (only 2nd class passenger and fast trains and selected express trains - specified in timetables of the Czech Railways) in Prague and suburban regions.

The Validating MachinePassengers may travel by means of public transport with a valid ticket only. Tickets must be obtained before entering a surface transport vehicle or the compulsory ticket area of Metro or funicular to Petřín.The ticket is valid only if validated in the validating machine or supported by a relevant coupon issued by the operator and with all required and permanently legible data completed.
Ticket validity can be inspected any time during a trip or a stay within the compulsory ticket area by ticket inspectors of Prague Public Transit Co. Inc. The relevant ticket inspector shall issue a pay receipt or an acknowledgement confirming the withdrawal of a season ticket.

Tickets are sold at Metro stations, newsagents, Travel Information Centres, hotels, travel agencies, department stores etc. They are also available from a number of ticket vending machines installed next to surface transport stops, at Metro stations, funicular stations and their immediate vicinity.

For more frequent journeys it is advisable to use long-term tickets,single tickets are more suitable for occasional journeys. Season tickets valid for 1, 3 and 5 days are the most suitable tourist option. Ticket vending machines issue only single tickets valid up to 24 hours.

Single ticketstransfernon-transfer
Adult persons over 15 years26,- CZK18,- CZK
Children from 6 up to 15 years inclusive13,- CZK9,- CZK

Transfer tickets can be used 75 minutes from validation. On working days from 08.00 p.m. to 05.00 a.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays round the clock such tickets can be used 90 minutes from validation.
Non-transfer tickets are valid for trams and buses 20 minutes with no possibility to change. In Metro it is valid for the distance of 5 stations from the station where the ticket is stamped ( this station being excluded) with a possibility to change between the lines A,B,C, but no longer than 30 minutes. It is not valid on night routes and funicular.

Season ticketstransfer
Network ticket for 24 hours100,- CZK
Network ticket for 3 days (72 hours)330,- CZK
Network ticket for 5 days (120 hours)500,- CZK

Note: The tickets are valid 24, 72 or 120 hours from the moment they have been stamped exclusively within the Prague Capital.